The touchy subject of
Medical Marijuana and Autism

February 25, 2016 -

Let me start by saying recently I have had a few requests from some of you to write about some specific topics, of which Cannabis and Autism being one of them.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys asking me to write about certain topics that you feel are important so please keep the ideas and requests coming my way!  Recently I was asked my opinion about medical marijuana and Autism so I thought I would share our journey with regards to this subject.

When WK was originally diagnosed with PANDAS Syndrome as most of you know (if you read “The Trip Down Memory Lane” posts) resulted in him having to endure monthly IVIG treatments.  Those treatments originally caused a LOT of side effects, very similar to the side effects that Chemo causes.  One of the ways to offset these side effects was to give him Steroids in his IV which has since (as you also know from reading prior posts) stunted his growth.

In addition to giving WK steroids in his IV I also started doing a significant amount of research on how medical Marijuana could potentially help with his pain, nausea and all of the other crappy side effects we were dealing with (headaches, puking, etc).  During this time my friend Tracy was unfortunately battling her own issues with her Daughter, Sophie Isabella who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 8 months old.    Tracy and I both have worked many years in the digital industry and ironically our children’s health issues have led us both onto new paths where our goal is to help others.

I am fortunate enough to have some very amazing and long term former colleagues and am grateful that Tracy and I have kept in touch over the past 10 years.   We have worked together numerous times over the years so I know first hand not only is she a solid person but she has the best heart ever and most importantly I trust her.  A lot.

A few years back she started giving her Daughter Sophie Cannabis oil to help with the side effects of Chemo. I have been following Sophie’s journey which has been nothing short of amazing.  I decided (very anxiously) that I wanted to try Cannabis oil for WK when we were ending IVIG and moving to SCIG.  I didn’t want to give him any more Steroids as that was causing/caused and still causing problems.  I freaked out about the thought of giving my son weed.  I am not going to lie.  What are people going to think of me if they find out I am giving my child Marijuana?  Is it going to hurt him? What side effects will it cause? Will he be ok on it?  The endless list of panicked questions in my head went on and on.  And then well there was Tracy my friend to answer all of these questions and talk me off the ledge.  We talked.  A lot. She assured me it was not going to hurt him and even then I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  I waited for a good 6 months until one day I decided that I will never know what good it could potentially do for him unless I tried it.  Same theory and process I went through when I put WK on medication for ADD and Anxiety at Age 5.  I swear that the biggest issue I had with putting him on medication was my concern about what others were going to think of me for “medicating my child.”  But honestly it’s the best BEST BEST decision I have ever made for WK.  I frequently use the analogy that if your Kid had Cancer and you could prolong or save their life with Chemo, would you do it?  Most people answer yes to that question.  I finally realized that if I can help improve Warrior Kid’s quality of life then why wouldn’t I try to do so?  Just because of the stigma associated with medicating my child? I decided this was no longer a good enough reason for me not to try medication and certainly not try Cannabis.

I have seen some amazing improvements in WK’s life since starting Cannabis oil over a year ago.  He is calmer.  His tics are better.  He has NO side effects from SCIG (yes you read that correctly, NONE as in ZERO). He sleeps good.  Sure can all of these be from Cannabis oil? Maybe.  I personally think it is his other medication combined with SCIG and topped off with Cannabis oil.  It’s like an ice cream sundae with the Cannabis oil being the cherry on the top!

I asked Tracy to be a guest contributor to this topic because she has since started her own company called CannaKids which is helping tons of children who have Cancer, Autism, Seizures, Immune problems and more.  Below is her contribution to this post and I would like to be 100% clear that THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT.  I simply do not know enough of the medical science behind it and I wanted to be able to provide substantial information to back up what I said above.


“Medical cannabis has become one of the hottest topics in recent years due to its immense therapeutic value for a wide spectrum of serious diseases, with autism being one of them! More and more doctors and research scientists are rushing to the laboratories to uncover the untapped mysteries based on the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that has flooded the globe. Cancers are dissolving, seizures are going away and autistic children are becoming less agitated, more verbal, and finding unprecedented symptom relief.

Parents around the world have reported significant changes in their autistic children after using non-psychoactive THCa and/or CBD as a treatment protocol, with only low doses of these oils being required to see a significant change.  Every child and their response is different, but the testimonials sweeping the globe are plentiful, with scientific evidence to back the findings. shares many scientific articles on their website at if you would like to learn more about this emerging medical treatment.

With 100s of scientific studies already in existence that prove the many therapeutic values we are seeing in humans, the pressure to declassify cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic is ever mounting.  Organizations like <>  are growing rapidly to help advocate for the use of cannabis for children on the spectrum, and beyond. Medical cannabis conferences are popping up all over the globe with 1,000s in attendance. More and more states are legalizing cannabis for medicinal use, and some of the greatest minds in medicine are standing behind this incredible plant.

After my own daughter’s diagnosis with a rare brain tumor at 8 1/2 months old, and her unheard of success using cannabis oil and Western medicines, CannaKids was born to help alleviate suffering in the young and old alike. Using PhD scientists of over 20 years to formulate our medicines, partnered with pediatric and adult oncology nurses that specialize in cannabinoid therapy for every disease under the sun, we take a scientific approach to alleviating severe symptoms in the young and old alike. With a focus on pediatric disease, the successes we are seeing in our patients make even the most experienced doctors scratch their heads.

To learn more about CannaKids, please visit our website at<>  or contact us directly at”

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