City of West Hollywood’s 2nd Annual Cannabis Education Forum

August 12, 2016 -

The Cannabis Education Forum (CEF) in sponsorship with the City of West Hollywood invites the public to a free educational event entitled “The Golden State of Cannabis.” On Saturday, August 20th, 2016 in the Council Chambers of West Hollywood, members of the cannabis community will educate the public on current canna-issues. After pioneering a successful, educational event around cannabis in 2015, West Hollywood has committed to keep their city on the forefront of cannabis’ future.

WeHo understands the importance of cannabis. Long before “medical marijuana” was a national term, cannabis was a major issue for West Hollywood patients who sought the medicinal benefits of the plant during the AIDS epidemic. The CEF honors West Hollywood’s rich history of supporting the cannabis movement and is proud to have the City of West Hollywood as a sponsor of “The Golden State Of Cannabis.”