Camp Green Rush

December 13, 2017 -

CannaKids CEO Tracy Ryan will be speaking at the Camp Green Rush Event taking place on January 19-22nd, 2018. Tracy takes the stage on Saturday, January 20th at 3:30pm!

CAMP GREEN RUSH is the brainchild of talk radio duo Tilo Murray and Julian Michael, collectively known as “Mayhem and Token.”  We are proud advocates of legal cannabis and are excited to provide this unique opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to come together, learn, and celebrate the great, green rush spreading throughout the country.

From world-renowned speakers and performers to industry-related skills training; from sativa-enhanced sun salutations to dabbed out games of kickball with new friends; CAMP GREEN RUSH is a four day retreat where we will spark the fire of new connections in the spirit of having fun.

“Let’s grow together” is more than just a slogan. It’s a way of life. Our goal at CAMP GREEN RUSH is to provide an experience that allows our campers to become better professionals and better people for having taken time to connect with each other and the natural resources around them.

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