Karen Roellich, RN

Karen Roellich, RN is a mom to 3 young children and nurse specializing in Cannabis Medicine. She has both personal and professional experience working with individuals who have special needs, including her own children. Karen began her nursing career with Mayo Clinic working in Pediatrics. To gain further nursing experience, Karen also spent time working in Adult Health, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care and Geriatrics.

Karen’s professional cannabis education began several years ago. She is certified by Cloverleaf University, Cannabis Careers Institute and is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association. She is passionate about teaching patients and families how cannabis medicine can help them!

Most recently, Karen was employed by Vireo Health which holds cannabis dispensing and cultivation licenses in Minnesota, New York and Maryland. During her time with Vireo, Karen was Director of Patient Services and was able to dose some of the most challenging medical cannabis patients in the country. Her experience dosing cannabis oils, tinctures and oral solutions is extensive and has included the training of other cannabis dosing technicians. Karen has consulted with cannabis patients ranging from as young as 9 months old to 94 years old and has seen some miraculous results!

Personally, Karen is an advocate for children and has been a licensed foster parent. She has extensive training in dealing with children/families in crisis, special needs, PTSD and behavioral disorders. All three of her own children have been adopted from foster care and have special needs.

Nurse Karen specializes in Pediatric patients but also excels at working with adults. Her cannabis medicine expertise is with the following conditions: Epilepsy, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Chron’s/IBS, Tourette’s, Behavioral Disorders, Pain, PTSD, Mental Health and Hospice/Terminal Illness.


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