Dara Irsfeld

Dara Minchew is the Director of Marketing here at CannaKids. She is a marketing and social media expert who thrives on connecting people and products through technology. Dara first met Tracy back in 2010 when she began working at Tracy Ryan’s web design and social media company, and not long after the two became great friends.

Dara began her career with Tracy as her executive assistant in 2010, but quickly moved up the ranks due to her determination, creativity, and ability to learn new skills with ease.  She taught herself graphic design in her free time, learned quickly about the complicated world of website design and development having worked so closely with Tracy, and became a social media maven using her on the job experience to guide her on the dos and don’ts of online marketing.  6 years later from her original start date with Tracy, Dara has blossomed into a multi-talented team leader that thrives on challenging tasks.  She has been responsible for the completion and launch of both SavingSophie.org, and CannaKids.org, and has single handedly built these organizations social profiles to over 20,000 followers.

Dara continues to manage and oversee the CannaKids and Saving Sophie websites, brand management, content strategy, social media, advertising, and all of our fundraising events. An adept researcher, she also keeps abreast of industry trends and challenges. Dara’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and love for writing. She blooms under pressure and enjoys the rush of being busy!