CannaKids provides oils to both adults & children!


The recommended dose varies per patient depending on the medical condition, medications, age, weight and other various factors.  To ensure the BEST care possible, we strongly recommend obtaining a suggested DOSING PROTOCOL from a cannabis dosing specialist prior to moving forward with an order.

Once our team knows what this protocol is, we will then be able to help properly guide you in what to purchase, how to take the oils, how to safely titrate your dose & more.

We encourage all patients to complete the below steps for dosing before scheduling a call.(You may skip this step only if you are an experienced medical cannabis patient who is comfortable with your current protocol and needs.  Book your “Free 15 Min Call with a CannaKids Patient Coordinator” to get started).

To get dosing guidance:

Visit our “ABOUT” page to learn more about the dosing experts we work with and their specialties, then schedule the appropriate phone consult with the expert of your choice via our scheduling system.  

Payments for dosing consults: Payment can be made using your PayPal account or by credit card (via the PayPal Portal -no account needed).

*If paying by credit card, please note the following*

Once you’ve entered in your CC information, press “review and submit”.   On the next page, you must click “CONTINUE without logging in” (located on the far right) in order for your payment to be processed.

If you did not get an email confirming your appointment, the payment did not go through.

Once you’ve received dosing:

Schedule the “Free 15 min Call” with a CannaKids Patient Coordinator using our booking system.  Click the blue button that says schedule now that pops up on the bottom right of our website, then choose to schedule a call with CannaKids.  Our Patient Coordinator will guide you through the next steps including: paperwork, your order breakdown/pricing based on your specific dosing protocol, delivery or dispensary options & more).


1. Medical Marijuana Recommendation (or card) and CA I.D.: We will need a clear copy of your medical marijuana recommendation and/or “caregiver recommendation” and your CA Drivers License/Identification Card.  You can send via email or through the intake form below.

2. Intake form: All patients must fill out our Intake Form.  http://cannakids.formstack.com/forms/cannakids_patient_intake_form

3. Membership Agreement & Medical Information Disclaimer Form: Once steps 1-3 are completed, we will then send over the final documents through an e-signature program, allowing you to view and sign the documents online. The email will be from “CannaKids Co”. 


Q) How do I get your oils?

A)  You must be a CA resident with valid ID and have a Medical Marijuana Recommendation.  Parents in California interested in using cannabis for their child (under the age of 18) should have a “Caregiver Recommendation”.   Search google for “medical marijuana doctor” and your zip code to find a doctor near you.  Call the top rated places to ensure they provide “caregiver recommendations for patients under 18”.


Visit CannaKids at HelloMD to get your medical recommendation online within 20 minutes. (they do not provide Caregiver Recommendations).


Pricing will be given once our team knows your dosing protocol.  Our Patient Coordinators will put together an order breakdown.


We have a few options for getting the oil to our patients.

1. Delivery Service:  Your package will be delivered the day after it is sent out Mon-Thurs.

2. Patient-to-Patient delivery: Schedule a specific time for one our own team members to meet you. Only available for the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  He is available M-F 10am-5:00pm. Send us your zip code for quote.

3. Dispensary: The person who holds the marijuana recommendation (either yourself or a caregiver) can visit one of the dispensaries in the Los Angeles area that carry our products.
*Please note, prices vary if purchasing from a dispensary. To find out which locations currently have our product in stock, please email for more info.



CBD-Rich Products: For maximum therapeutic impact, choose products that include both CBD, a non-intoxicating compound, and THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD and THC work best together, enhancing each other’s therapeutic benefits.

Clear Labels: Look for labels showing the quantity and ratio of CBD and THC per dose, a manufacturing date and batch number (for quality control).

Lab Testing: Look for products that are tested for consistency, and verified as free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, solvent residues, and other contaminants.

Quality Ingredients: Select products with quality ingredients. No corn syrup, GMOs, transfats, and artificial additives.

Safe Extraction: Avoid products extracted with toxic solvents like BHO, propane, hexane or other hydrocarbons. Solvent residues are especially dangerous for immune-compromised patients. Look for products that entail a safer method of extraction like supercritical CO2.

Cannabis Not Industrial Hemp: Compared to whole plant cannabis, hemp is typically low in cannabinoid content. A huge amount of hemp is required to extract a small amount of CBD, raising the risk of contaminants because hemp, a bioaccumulator, draws toxins from the soil. The robust terpene profile of whole plant cannabis enhances the therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC.

Source: Project CBD



Q) What does joining your cooperative mean and why does it require membership?

A) Yes we are a cooperative and in order for us to sell you product, by law, you must become a member.  There is no fee for this.

Please refer to UnitedPatientsGroup.com or canorml.org/faq.html for all CA laws and other information, or for valid doctors who can provide you with your recommendation


If you would like to speak to us about how you can become involved with our foundation, submit your child to be a CannaKid or become a sponsored family, please submit the form below and one of our team members will contact you promptly. For orders and inquiries, please use the scheduling system to book an appointment to speak to one of our Patient Coordinators, or call us direct at 747-998-5585.