This is my son Wyatt and he has autism. Wyatt was diagnosed right after his 3rd birthday in May of 2010. Luckily he pediatrician noticed it at 18 months and I started early intervention services for him. Wyatt is mostly non verbal. The language he does have is to make sure his needs get met. Like if he’s hungry, tired, or has to go to the bathroom. He did have struggles with aggression which was because of his lack of communication skills. One afternoon when Wyatt was at daycare he attacked a little girl who was maybe 2. He bit her cheek and wouldn’t let go. At that point I was at my wits end and turned to regional centers to get Wyatt seen by a psychiatrist. He was put on risperadol. For the next 2 years it was med increases med add ons and basically just trial and error. The medicine caused my son to have an increased weight gain. He maxed out at 86 pounds in 2014. Someone had told me about using CBD for him so I thought why not! After starting the CBD we were able to take him off 2 of his meds!!  I was so excited!!  In November of 2014 Wyatt’s sister was diagnosed with leukemia. So we decided to get both kids their letters. We met with Dr. Goldstein and she recommended we add thc to Wyatt’s dosing. Well that of course went amazing. Now I’m happy to report my son is off of all pharmaceutical medications and only uses the CannaKids’ cannabis oils. Everyone is impressed with how well Wyatt is doing. I get more good reports from school than bad. Also as you can see from the picture he lost all that extra weight and is not food aggressive. I am so thankful for all of the support from such wonderful people.



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