Let me introduce you to Rylee – a beautiful, funny, smart, charismatic, energetic little 6 year old girl. She is one of those people who will light up the room as she enters it. She loves to swim, draw, snowboard (with mom), play dress-up, ride bikes and scooters, and do anything that involves being outdoors.

Rylee was diagnosed with epilepsy on October 13, 2013. She has complex partial seizures, with a vast amount of abnormal activity throughout her brain. She began with approximately 24 seizures per day that were not controlled by medication. Since her diagnosis, she has failed several anticonvulsant medications, which means that none of them have kept her seizures under control. She is currently taking two medications, but maxed out on her dosage. As her mother and primary caregiver, I had to look into other options because I didn’t want my daughter to continue trying, and failing, pharmaceuticals.

After hearing many success stories from parents throughout the nation, I decided to look into cannabis oil, or CBD. At first, I was a skeptic because I didn’t want to give my young daughter marijuana. But, it was a choice I had to make in order to see if this “miracle drug” would work for her. I decided to get her medical marijuana license (under my strict care) and find the best possible collective to get the best CBD oil. I was introduced to a wonderful company, CannaKids, by a friend, and I am so beyond grateful that I was. We ordered a strain of a known oil for seizure patients and Rylee went from the current 5-10 seizures per day down to 0. Yes, ZERO. Amazing! Unfortunately, this only lasted for two days. Therefore, we needed to add another known anticonvulsant, THCa. Since we’ve added both, Rylee has only had 1 breakthrough seizure, but otherwise, it is working fabulously!

Rylee and I thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read this little bit of information about her, and especially a HUGE thank you to those who help us through this road ahead of us. We are so grateful for the people we’ve come across in this journey already!



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