Naomie was about 3 weeks old when she was rushed to the hospital for turning blue and slow breathing. I was full blown mom panic mode. She was admitted to Rady’s Childrens Hospital for almost a week. They did two spinal taps (doctor missed the first one), blood tests, heart tests, list goes on and on they all came back fine minus a hole in her heart but that should heal over time as she gets older. I never left her side and I think I cried more then she did while getting poked at over and over again. They couldn’t give me any definite answers to these spells and just said to keep an eye on her. After more time went by these “spells” were getting worse and more frequent. She would just be playing like a normal infant and out of  nowhere turn blue or just freeze. The spells were coming now a couple times a week. The last spell landed us in an ambulance being rushed to Camp Pendleton’s Naval Hospital.She was only 10 months old at this point. There she was still blue and slow breathing. They got her stable enough after 2 days to be transferred to Balboa Naval Hospital. Again more tests and nothing The doctors were scratching their heads. Again leaving with no answers! So frustrating. 
 Her father has/had severe asthma and we kept bringing that up to them and they said she was to young to have it and they were more looking towards raynaud’s diease which would be very rare in a child her age. But because it runs in my family its a good possibility. I kept mentioning dad and his asthma and his family history of it and nothing they wanted to keep looking towards all these left field diseases. After a couple months and more unanswered questions I finally had enough and saw an asthma specialist. She took one look at Naomie and said she 100% has asthma. She then ran her own tests to confirm (which let me tell you was a sign of relief someone was finally hearing me but those tests still had me crying) and sure enough we got the PROPER diagnosis. Naomie was then prescribed Albuterol inhaler, Albuterol nebulizer, Qvar, prednisone, and a couple others. After a couple months of being on these medications she would still have 4-5 attacks a day and worse when she was more active. Naomie could walk outside and someone could be cutting their lawn and she would go into an attack, she could be playing and go into a jog and she would go into an attack. She was not a happy child and just had no spunk to her. The worse was when she would be dead asleep and wake up in an attack. Like really?? Your sleeping how does this happen? Well it does and let me tell you its one of the scariest things ive had to go through. She would just sleep in my bed or a bed next to mine so when she would wake up in an attack I was right there. I just couldnt see a toddler walking down a hallway in an asthma attack trying to wake me up and ask for her inhaler. She would be sleeping and I would be up every hour or so poking her to make sure she was still breathing. 
 We would get calls from the preschool almost daily that they couldnt get her breathing under control and we would have to come get her, a couple times she left via ambulance or dad I and were rushing her to the ER right across the street. We spent more time home then at work. The docs would just up her medications over and over again.  After a couple of years of her on these meds regularly her body slowly was shutting down and refusing them, her teeth were deteriorating,4 cavaties in less then 6 months I mean come on how could this be healthy. She couldnt play like a normal kid and often got shy or didnt want to leave the house. As a mother watching this ive had enough. There is only so many times I can watch my child take these medications and watch her body reject them and her crying cause she didnt want to play with other kids cause she wasnt normal or to shy to leave the house. Watching your childs body go into these weird contractions after taking her meds and still not able to breath was the last straw. I knew there was a better answer out there. I posted all over Facebook asking anyone that knew anyone to please pass my info along to anyone that could help. Thank you to one of my moms friends daughter and her connections I was pointed to Cannakids! Her father and I did the hour consult with nurse Karen and after talking with her we knew we just had to try.  I was going over her medical history and from November 2015 to February 2016 alone was 46 times to the ER, doctors office, and or urgent care for her asthma and that didnt include the times we have treated her at home. From the same time frame 2016-2017 its been about 12 times and that was before she started cbd oil. She now plays like a normal kid, has more energy then I know what to do with, not ONE attack or coughing spell, she is a totally new kid. I feel like im getting to know her all over again and enjoying every min of it!  She just had a check up with her normal pediatrician and they said she sounds so good and cannot believe the difference in this child. YYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!! 


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