Our son Max was born in June 2008. He was a healthy baby boy with no health issues and we were elated to have him. However by about age 2, Max was displaying some behaviors that seemed more significant than just the normal toddler type stuff. He was pretty aggressive and seemed to have a pretty bad temper. Additionally, he had a few sensory issues and was difficult to soothe. Once he became upset or agitated, it took forever to get him back to a calm place. As time went on, he seemed to be getting more intense and more rigid. He began preschool and although he was fine at school, he was tough to get to sleep and couldn’t sleep through the night very often, if ever.

Max entered kindergarten in the fall of 2013 and that was when things got very challenging. He would have violent outbursts that lasted for upwards of two hours. We could not soothe him and he began breaking windows, and destroying property. He also became difficult to control physically and was violent towards family members. We sought the help of a therapist and began a journey of therapy, and various diagnoses, along with over 7 different medications over the course of three years.

Max was diagnosed as autistic, manic, possible bipolar, episodic mood disorder, and ODD, to name a few. Over time, each diagnosis was retracted until we were basically dealing with a child who was being given different meds to see if they worked, without any real answers as to what was actually wrong with Max. The final straw was in the fall of 2016 when we ended up in the emergency room at our local hospital because Max was so out of control. There he was administered Ativan twice and locked in the psych room before being transferred to the UCLA emergency room in hopes of getting an impatient admittance. After 15 hours in the two different emergency rooms, we were sent home with our son and with no more answers than we had 15 hours prior. 4 days later, during a violent outburst, Max put his hand through a window and got 30 stitches. This was the end of the line and rock bottom for us and Max.

I had heard of CannaKids and the use of cannabis for issues like Max’s and I was desperate for an answer and for help. I got Max his card and recommendation and called CannaKids. Max began taking the cannabis and has had no violence since — he is now off of ALL his pharmaceuticals and is thriving. He is smiling and has a new sparkle in his eyes. I am crying tears of joy as I write this, because I have my son back and I am so grateful for CannaKids and the way they have changed our lives and Max’s life! If you ask Max now why he’s not violent, he will tell you, “It’s because of my CannaKids oils”!



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