My 6 year old daughter often seemed in her own world. She had a hard time focusing on non preferred activities. She would run from us at places where she became overstimulated, like parking lots, theme parks and grocery stores. She was extremely rigid with her schedule and would have a melt down if things didn’t go the way she expected. She spoke in mostly one to two word phrases with no conversational skills whatsoever. She was beginning to get aggressive and would target her teachers, aides, babysitter and little sister almost daily. She was a picky eater, eating only a few foods. She would wake up 2-3 times a week at 1-2 AM and stay Awake the rest of the night. She would verbal stim constantly.

After taking cannabis she is doing amazingly well. She’s present with us like she’s never been before. She can focus for longer periods of time on activities that are non-preferred. She can go to the grocery store with us now and instead of running down the isles, she helps us push the cart and bag the groceries. Her aggression is 100% gone. She is using more sentences and speaking in longer 5-7 word phrases. We have conversations now, daily with two to four exchanges. She is eating more foods and even eating greens. She sleeps through the night and hasn’t woken up once in the middle of the night since starting cannabis. She is more flexible with her schedule, has less anxiety and has better control of her emotions. Her verbal stimming is becoming less and less.

I once used to have no clue what my daughter’s future would look like. Getting the autism diagnosis when she was three years old, our dreams for her were shattered. We had no idea what that meant for her and her future. We didn’t know if she’d ever talk or if she’d go to college or if she’d even have a normal relationship with anyone. Now our hope is restored. She’s doing so well we now have hope for her future again. There a light at the end of this autism tunnel and where before it was dim and hard to find, we can now see it shinning so bright and clear. We think she’ll do fine now. We believe she’ll lead a fairly normal life with some support (and Cannabis).



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