Charlie Michael-Gregory De Grange turned 8 years old on July 14, 2014. He was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Charlie is now 13 months in with treatment and so far he has had a good quality of life and has been able to do wonderful activities, such as going to New York to see Sky Scrapers and to Tahoe to learn how to snow board. Once winter was over he wanted to experience wake boarding so he spent a week on Lake Shasta, learning how to board and playing with his brothers and sister. Charlie has also been able to go to Disneyland and meet his favorite football player Derek Carr, but as of April 2015, his tumor started to grow.  We decided to start him on a new treatment with a drug that is fairly new called Nivolumab and compliment nivolumab with CannaKids cannabis oil. Since this is a newer drug doctors were not sure how it would affect him and if the drug would make his own immune system attach his body. The doctors were also not sure if his pons could even handle the inflammation caused by the drug. Also with this new treatment, Charlie needs to have 12 more days of radiation, which is very hard on his body and does not make him feel very well.  We found these last 4 months on Nivolumab and cannabis (734 mg of CBD) and about 200 mg of (74% THC) Charlie has had a fairly good appetite, is blood counts have always been in the good range and he has not needed steroids for inflammation. It appears the cannabis may be working along with the PD1 drug keeping his body balanced and helping repair his body during and after radiation. Charlie still needs to have pokes and he still feels bad and sick at times but he takes all of these challenges with his head up and fights through it.  He is truly a little super hero!



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