I picked up the “just arrived” Olaf toy so I could surprise Anya, my 5 year old daughter, at her doctor visit that day. One eye blinking, followed by slightly unstable walking were the issues. I was least worried about everything until, at the end of the visit when Anya’s pediatrician seemed visibly worried. She then said those two words that shocked me to death… “Brain Tumor” suspected.

We were asked to get an MRI right away, so we rushed to Stanford immediately! There we endured a 10 hour wait with no food or water to be consumed 11 hour before an MRI. Meanwhile, Anya’s symptoms were checked by 15 different people (one junior to the next, apparently) and we had to explain “everything” from day one. Anya had to repeat all of the tests they had already performed many times before. They were not doing it to give us any answers, but for their own study!! We were staring at their faces like fools expecting some kind of an answer, only to be told a senior doctor would be visiting in a few minutes to look at Anya.

Finally, she went in for the MRI at 10pm. The attending nurse that night confirmed with us, after a quick glance at the scans, that there was a mass but they were not finished yet. Anya was then admitted to ICU. It was heartbreaking to see a healthy, happy kid going through such a sudden and drastic change in her life. She had been poked several times in various spots of her body. She simply hated the IV. There were two of them hanging out while the monitor kept beeping every 5 seconds, reminding us we were in the ICU. It was torturous to look at. I wish that was all she had to go through.

At 11 am the next morning, neuro-oncologists took us out of ICU, but I sensed something was surely wrong. I went directly to the ultimate question, “how long do we have?” They replied, “9-12 months”. I was at least going for 5 more years, but this was the answer I least expected. What do you do when extremely qualified doctors tell you that your child has 9-12 months to live? Prior to that I believed the doctors here could fix everything! It cannot get worse than this, I thought. Her tumor cannot get worse than this!! Anya was diagnosed with DIPG.

She has been taking CannaKids cannabis oil for about 6 months now and her cancer has been stable for 1 year. She is currently taking a 4:1 (4 parts THC:1 part CBD), and is taking 1350mg THC and 450mg CBD per day.  After gaining a lot of weight from steroids, and then losing 8 pounds once stopping, she has now put on an additional 3 pounds since being on cannabinoid therapy. She is eating well and sleeps well for the most part.

The way I looked at my princess had changed forever. I always knew being born perfect was a miracle, and to live long was another. I was not aware that something so terrible, and incurable, ever existed. I felt everything was fixable!! I learned of Neil Armstrong’s kid, who was diagnosed with this in 1962, and here we are today with the exact same prognosis!!

Anya Anand was diagnosed in September 2014 and is 2 years 2 months past diagnosis for DIPG — she started taking our oils in March 2015 and continues to stay active.

With a diagnosis date of September 2014, Anya has lived a year and 2 months beyond the expected life expectancy of a child with DIPG, an aggressive cancer with a 2% survival rate.

UPDATE: Unfortunately DIPG is an incurable disease, but cannabis brought comfort to this sweet girl throughout her journey and up until her final days.  It was an honor to know her and her family.



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