On January 11th, 2013, A.J. with diagnosed with stage 4 Osteosarcoma. The tumor was in his left leg, but by the time they had discovered the cancer, it had already traveled through his body and into his lungs. A.J. started chemotherapy right away. The types of chemo used were hard on A.J.’s bones and he became osteopenia (brittle bones), so he was breaking his bones all the time. Also, since the cancer was in his lungs, his lungs were collapsing.

A.J. has been through many surgeries, for multiple reasons, from broken bones to spinal vertebrae removal. A.J. is my hero and I am the most proud mom in the world. We love A.J. so very much.

In April of 2015 a scan showed the cancer had come back with a vengeance, and we were scared of losing our son A.J.

After his spine surgery, he was running fevers around the clock, with some as high as 104.7. He had lost 13 pounds in one week and A.J. was on 24/7 pain pills, he was in constant pain. We felt hopeless until….

Someone mentioned to us about using cannabis. We asked A.J.’s doctor and she agreed and thought we should give it a try.

She sent us to Dr. Goldstein, (a very good doctor and she was wonderful with A.J.).

Dr. Goldstein highly recommended Tracy Ryan for our cannabis needs.

We started A.J. on the cannabis and it was a God send. After the 2nd day, A.J. no longer had pain, no more fevers and was starting to eat. Having A.J. on the cannabis has been wonderful, we are now more hopeful of his survival rate than we were just a few weeks ago.

A.J. has been on cannabis since April 2015 and A.J. is doing great, he no longer takes any type of pain medication, he no longer has or has had fevers, he is able to get his chemo treatments and with being on the cannabis he no longer gets sick, nauseous or bedridden from the chemo, and he is now CANCER FREE!!!  AJ’s oncologist cannot explain his response and is blown away by his incredible results!As of April 6, 2015, A.J.’s last scan date, PET, CT & MRI all came back clean and clear. Having A.J. on the cannabis oil gave our family all new hope and faith that our little hero A.J. will remain cancer free. From the first start of A.J. receiving his sesame size dose of CBD and THC, A.J.’s life had changed for the better. A.J.’s hair is starting to grow back, he has more strength, he feels good, and his heart and mind are at peace (thank you Lord). Next scans will be in July 2016, but I am POSITIVE the scan will be clear and clean again, thanks to A.J. being on the cannabis oils. Thank you CannaKids for being a big part of A.J.’s success story, Many thanks to Tracy, Deanna, Steve and the whole entire team. We have recommended Tracy to many and will continue to recommend Dr. Goldstein, and Tracy. Both are wonderful.Both are wonderful.  Special thanks to Dr. Bonnie Goldstein. Thank you for reading A.J.’s update.

UPDATE – AUGUST 2017: It has been almost two years and our hero A.J. is still CANCER FREE!!!!!!….Woo Woo!!! Our family, friends and some doctors are all amazed at the progress A.J. has made.  We were told by Dr. Goldstein that A.J. might even be able to wean off the cannabis oils, since he is doing so well.  But for my husband and myself, we plan on keeping A.J. on his oils for the rest of his life.  We see no negative effects from the cannabis oil, only POSITIVE effects!!!

In the last year, A.J. graduated High School and is planning on enrolling in college for Animation. We are very proud of our son A.J.

Many MANY kudos to all of A.J.’s supporters, friends, family, Dr. Goldstein and the Cannabis Team at CannaKids.  Thank you all.



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