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Our CannaKids’ Honey Gold extraction process is lead by a team of PhD scientists that specialize in organic chemistry. Our purified raw cannabinoids are first collected via a solvent-free process, purified to remove any unwanted plant matter, and are then later infused with a rich terpene blend to create a unique final product. Our extremely potent cannabinoid content provides a product with excellent bioavailability, and is free from any unnecessary plant material.

The final product is a concentrate that contains a profile extremely similar to that of the actual flowers of the plant, while remaining free of residual solvents and unwanted contaminants. Inspired by strain profiles with every input monitored for purity and quality, concentrates provided by CannaKids represents cutting edge scientific knowledge and cannabis insight in every package.

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100% of the profits from the sale of these shirts go towards helping less fortunate families stricken by cancer.

sophie's story

Sophie was diagnosed with a rare Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor, & has used cannabis & chemo to treat her disease.

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Meet some of our mighty warriors that have used Western medicine and holistic approaches to treat their pediatric cancer illnesses.

Mae, 2-years-old, has always been an active, healthy, cheerful, loving and silly child. She loves to play and sing with her big sister Mika, 5-years-old. In January 2014, just a month after her 2nd birthday, she began to get irritable and had a few other symptoms that could have been associated with the beginning stages of a tummy bug. After a few days, Mae began to act lethargic and began to ...



If you would like to speak to us about how you can become involved with our foundation, submit your child to be a CannaKid or become a sponsored family, please submit the form below and one of our team members will contact you promptly. For orders and inquiries, please use the scheduling system to book an appointment to speak to one of our Patient Coordinators.